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Long time no see

So, it has been a while, yet again. I'm so bad at updating this journal.

It's the same with facebook and other sites as well. Guess I'm just that lazy.

I have been busy with seeking a job. The workmarket is quite hard these days. There's hardly anything that you can apply to. Though I have been on two interviews, they didn't result in a job.

I spend my days now with a programme called Ungdomsprogrammet (youthprogram) for the Unemploymentagency(??). I have a workcoach who helps me with my CV and so on, and often gives me advice where I can look for a job.

af, arbetsförmedlingen
(picture is a joke. Arbetsförnedringen means humiliation and it's a pun on the original word Arbetsförmedlingen = the Unemployment Office. Not many people in Sweden likes Arbetsförmedlingen.)

I really hope I can get a summerjob. I have been seeking 10-15 jobs a month (that suits my workprofile). Soon I probably have to search for a job I absolutly loath.



 So, I just saw this Swedish documentary Kapten Nemos barn (Captain Nemo's children). It was brilliant, but also very painful to watch.

It's a true story from the 1940s about how two children from neighboring villages were accidentally changed when they were born. A famous Swedish author, P O Enqvist, also made it into a book, called Captain Nemo's Library (Kapten Nemos bibliotek), which isn't so strange when the true story involves his own family.

The scandal shook Sweden when it came out and the children were forced to move back to their biological families. They were 7 years old at the time.


Really, really good and interesting to watch. The painful, moral dilemma about what should you do when the child you have lovingly raised for 7 years isn't yours and your biological child is less than 6 km away. Could you actually give away that child to another family and take in another child you don't know?

Yeah, it's been awhile... again.

So, I haven't updated my journal for a very long time. I am so not good at posting, that it's getting ridiculous.

But, yeah. Life, you know... It's pretty hectic and I am tired all the time as well. And the snow. The snow isn't helping either. Just when I thought it was gone, is shows up again and messes with us. I can't stand the cold as well, although it is colder in Sweden right now I think, so there is something positive at least.

Classes here at Eichstätt is almost finished as well, and I'll soon be on my way home again. It'll be good to see everybody, I miss everyone like crazy when I'm here.

-My mom is getting more knowledgeable about technology at least. She now knows how to use Skype :) Hilarious.

Next week I have three tests and one presentation (that should last at least 45 min!). It's too much. Just...ugh.

On another note, I can't wait until tomorrow when I can see the next episode of Supernatural. The excitement is already building up :)

Long time no see...

 Grüß Gott! (A saying in Bavaria, the southern part of Germany)

Wow, it's been forever since I updated my journal. But to my defense I have been a bit busy.

Right now I am living in Germany, studying as an ERASMUS student. I am going to stay here for a whole year! It's a small town, which is okay with me, but I do miss all the things a bigger town offers, like a cinema! More variety in clothing stores and etc.

It does not help with my homesickness either, when my mom sent me a package from Sweden last night. A BIG package, filled with Swedish stuff and candy <3
God, I miss my mom so much!

Anyway, from today I now have been to all my classes. Don't you hate when you start a new lesson? It's all awkward and I'm nervous as hell. Let me just say I have played alot of introduction games, as well.
Some lessons are going to be real difficult, like my Advanced English Grammar course (Why did I take this course? I HATE grammar! Oh, right, I need to improve my writing skills...)

Others like my course in American pop-culture, Books, Bites and Bats...  About Vampires seems really interesting and the teacher is just made of awesome!

There are some downsides and upsides, as always. Just need to keep going on, and study like crazy and I'm sure it will be alright...Hopefully.


Happy Midsummer Day / Glad Midsommar!

Today it's Midsummer eve and technically, Midsummer Day is tomorrow. This is my favorite holiday.

I know it is not celebrated outside of the Nordic countries which is a shame, since we have so much fun! Dancing, singing, drinking and eating strawberries in truly, enormous amounts. I just love it so much!

Midsommar stångmidsommar krans
This is what we dance around. Though usually it is only kids and their parents that does it. I had so much fun dancing around the Midsommar stången (Midsummer pole) as a kid and singing songs. Nowadays for me, I only drink and eat... and sing some roundelay.

~Happy belated birthday Nino! Two days late but it's the thought that counts : ) One year older yet he never seems to age, does he? Never stop being who you are, 'cause you are fabulous!


Germany, Here I Come!

Yes!!! I just got it confirmed from my coordinator at my university, that I'm accepted at the Katholische Universität Eichstaett-Inglostadt in Germany! Whoohoo : )

I'm going abroad for one year in Germany to study. It's insane! I have never done anything like it before. I have never lived in another country or lived by myself, so it's going to be one-hell of an experience. I am so nervous...

The semester doesn't start until 1 October, but still. So much to be done until it. So much to prepare... All the paperwork until I got accepted was killing me, but now I have even more. How difficult does it have to be, really? They really like to complicate things for us.

The thing is... I don't speak German! I know, I know... But I have studied it for 4 years, but that was in junior high, so I don't know how much I'm going to remember. Thankfully, if I pay a certain amount of money I can get into the Orientation programme and get intensive German lessons, so that's what I'm going to do. Hopefully that will be enough. That, and the German surrounding.

This is a picture of one of the buildings, it does look rather nice, if I have to say so myself:

*Spoilers for  Arashi no Shukudai-kun 2009-06-08*

Arashi love <3Collapse )

EU election

Today is the day to vote for the EU elections in Sweden, and I'm going to do so in about 5 minutes : ) I have been working all day and when I went to return the car to my grandfather, I found out that my grandmother is in the hospital and have been there since saturday morning.


I'm really worried about her, since the doctors said why she was feeling ill, had something to do with her heart. She is only 64 years old! God... But my grandfather told me not to worry since it didn't seem to be that bad. The doctors take heart complications seriously (Thank god!) and that is why she has to do so many tests all the time. Still, you can't help but to worry, right? Anyway, my grandfather gave me a number so I can call her and talk to her, and see how she is feeling. Much better, I hope.


I voted just a couple of minutes ago! I'm not embarrassed to say which party I chose as well : )

The Pirate Party, YAY!

I'm off now to watch the Valvakan (election night watch party) or whatever they call it. It's kinda exciting, isn't?


Sweden Rock 2009

Sweden Rock Festival, YAY!

: ) I'm going tomorrow after work! So looking forward to it. I go every year, have done so since I was a child, really. Either with my mom, dad or my friends.

I only live like, 20-30 minutes away from the Festival.  Actually, me and mom drove by there yesterday, and there was so many people! It is so much fun looking at them, the diversity. Not just hard-rock fans, not at all. All sorts of people come, but what I really love is the whole atmosphere that surrounds it. It just feels soo good to be there! There are hardly any fights there as well, and that is saying something, considering it's the biggest festival in Scandinavia.

I love it <3


Yesterday was my last day at school as well. Feels nice, but it's kind of sad considering I'm going abroad for a year to study and I won't see all of my classmates. Not until our third year will we gather again... Ah well, that's life I guess : ) People come and go through your life.

School sucks a**

School... sucks.

No, it really does. Right know I'm in school, and has been since 12.45. The clock right now is 15.00, and I have had nothing to do for about an hour. A complete waste of my time.

We had a small meeting at 13.00 and then we were sent off to discuss in groups, which lasted for about half an hour, and then we are supposed to meet again at 16.00. Why do they plan it like this?

Why am I so unfortunate enough to get placed in the last group? *despair* I will be home at 19.00 tonight. That is way to late for me. This. Sucks. So. Badly.

Though, I could be productive and start working on my B-level essay. But, I'm lazy :)


On to fandoms *glee*

I'm so looking forward to the next Supernatural episode!
Sammy, what is happening with you? You are breaking my heart.

When I get home, I'm going to watch the Himitsu no Arashi show Special. I'm really looking forward to seeing Nino's skill in gaming! I want to see him floor the others with his skill :) I guess I have to wait until tonight to find out.

So happy with him winning that Award too. He deserves it!


Now I'm gonna go and be productive. I will work on my essay. Go, me!

I really need that cheer :)


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