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19 April 1988
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So, this is me, Jonna. 23 years old, comes from Sweden and is very interested in the ongoings in the world.

Here you will find my complaints about life and university, but I also use this account to read lots, and lots of fanfiction. (I really mean alot, here!)

I have wide variety when it comes to fandoms but for awhile now Merlin has been my obsession (espeacially Colin Morgan and James Bradley, who I fucking adore).
Supernatural is another fandom I have adored ever since it showed on TV. I love Sam and Dean and the newest addition, Castiel. The brotherly love on that show is...erm... very interesting. Just guess three times who I slash? :P (I haven't watched the 6th season yet, somehow I can't make myself watch it)

Share any fandom with me? I'd love to just bitch, squeel and discuss with anyone who wants to. Let me know.

-Lately I have been really into different kdramas and jdramas. I can't stop watching them!

Recently I started watching Doctor Who and that was it. Found the fandom I simply can't get enough of. Doctor/Rose all the way!

I also read a lot of books, currently I'm reading Patricia Briggs stories about Mercy Thompson. Anyone who likes fantasy and werewolves and the like should read these novels. They have a kick-ass heroine!

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